How To Write A Service Page That Converts Visitors Into Happy Customers

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Your services page may not be the first thing which your likely customers view on your website. Possibly they arrived at your site through blog posts, or search engine searches. Either way, they are interested in knowing more about you and may not have a fair idea of your activities. Certainly, some readers have gone through your home page and FAQs, the rest may have come through social media or a written post. They have now picked out your services page to know more about you.

Here are some of the ideas to consider while writing service page, more so if you are pushing a service-driven business.

1. Look To Build Greater Trust

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Trust is integral to any selling services. With regard to services, consumers tend to worry about the recourse they will get if they are displeased with any service, even when you provide perfect customer service assurances. While the focus should be on the advantages offered to the consumers when you sell both services and products, your experience, training, and knowledge come into the limelight when you are promoting your range of services. As customers have become wary about products and are very watchful, it is essential to demonstrate in your service page that they can rely on your work and can repose their trust in you to improve things if they have any complaints.

2. Begin With A Brief Pitch That Outlines Your Services

how to write a service page

Before telling your audience to go through your services in details, offer them a noteworthy idea of the activities you do and the business value you offer. This keeps the door open for further interaction and prepares the background on which they will define the remaining information they gather. In reality, it might be that they only read your brief outline when they want to explore your company. Make it certain to use the primary target keyword – the one that shows up in the page title to maximize the page for search engines.

Ultimately, concentrate on the long run advantages of doing business with you in place of talking about the gains of individual services. Keep it brief maintaining a word length of 150 words and retain the requirements and problems of your ideal consumer in mind. End it with one or two sentences showing what distinguishes you to offer such services. You will get other pages where you can mention your qualifications but here pitch your claims with exclusive pointers such as an award, years of experience, certification and the manner in which it benefits consumers.

3. Specifics Make More Sense Than Tall Claims

how to write a service page

Recollect your interactions and phone conversations with customers. Reply to the queries that they generally ask, refraining tall claims that only sound too good but not real. If your room heater conserves energy costs and lasts longer compared to its closest rival, boost your claims with specific details. Mention what the customer should expect to make savings on energy costs per month and exactly the number of years they can expect their room heater to last. Such details shared on the service pages make your claims more genuine and noteworthy.

You can always add particular facts and figures to validate your claims and gain trust in the mind of your customer.

  • Give Precedence To Your Product/Service Description
  • To keep your descriptions concise, adhere to these main points:
  • The most significant benefits of the product
  • The essential elements that enable such benefits
  • The immediate queries people have about a particular product
  • Any unique or distinctive attributes

Such type of content urges interested browsers to tap on the link for more details, or even contact you.

In your product dedicated pages, you can elaborate upon the points you indicated in the overall services/products page and can also include extra information. Emphasize on conveying about the product, its specific benefits to the customers and the reasons for choosing your service or product.

4. Make A Structure

how to write a service page

When a new client visits your services page, they begin by reading the headlines, titles of the list and various formatting to find out if it interests them. If it does, they will explore further either by beginning from the top of the page or by moving on to the section that captivates them. There is no one for all structure that produces results for every services page. You may provide details on some of the core services below their individual section headings, or if there is a requirement for listing several services or variations, you can make a list and itemize them. Ponder for a few minutes on which format would be suitable for your services.

5. End Up Your Writing

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Once you have laid out your brief outline and the page structure, you have to write now about your individual services. The space limit dedicated to each service is related to the nature of your business. Here are some of the tips that can be applied to all service pages:

  • Hold on to the relevant details during this stage of selling
  • Do not feed your visitors with unnecessary information
  • You can always provide a link to a page with extra information if required
  • Mention specifically the benefits. For some industries, this means measurable benefits such as higher revenue, reduced cost, preservation of time or better return on investment. In other, benefits mean improved health, mental peace, or spending more time with your family. Such things are tough to measure, but you can still try to be specific
  • Know the psyche of your buyer. If you are not aware of your ideal buyer, you will not be able to understand their choices, needs and pain points.
  • Be brief and natural. Your audience visiting the services page can obtain anecdotes relating to your company ethos on your About Us page, here they are seeking specific details about what you offer. Avoid making things difficult for them to find.
  • Keep SEO in mind when you write. Research and mention the target keywords for every service. If you have detailed pages about key services, make it certain to link them applying the keyword as the anchor text.

6. Display Proof To Your Advantage


If marketing service centers around building credibility and trust, testimonials are your best resource for managing the sale. Buyers want to buy when they find that other consumers also had a positive experience, especially when they have a common interest in the product.

You can include such information at relevant places in the text, as a graphic feature, or in the sidebar if there is one. Select testimonials that display the persona of your buyer and state the major benefits and pain points your are emphasizing in the page content.

7. Final Product/ Service Page Points

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Here are some extra points for creating quality content on your services/products page:

  • Make use of visuals and an image to accompany every item on your services/ product page. Even though you have a different page with a photo gallery or a collection via your instagram account of your business, your product page should offer instant access to visual samples which boosts conversions. Another reason to include visuals is that you can optimize them for search engines, Exhibiting it on a Google image search is an excellent way to procure more online users to know about your business.
  • Use simple terms as people are not interested in how well you write when they access your product or service page but want to know whether you offer the services or products they are seeking and if your business can match up with their requirements. Write your services/product page in a jargon which is well understood and identified by your target audience. Use the common questions you receive from consumers and the language they make use of while asking as your inspiration.

8. Attach A Normal Conversion Opportunity

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When people visiting the page finish reading it, they quickly decide on whether to read some other page, subscribe, buy, contact you, secure an appointment or leave. The response you want from them is your conversion objective.

Remain realistic about their action, though it would have been excellent for you had they purchased your special package, that may not be the practical process for many visitors. Perhaps your services are economical and roping in people to opt for them is not a big deal. You can proceed with them and seek an appointment or try our different ideas. If it involves spending more time with them to encourage your likely consumers., go for a smaller involvement such as free consultation, blog subscription, coupon or premium content like e-books.

Use a call to action (CTA) to make it convenient for them to initiate that action, and use a brief form to collect important details. Once you obtain their contact details (and permission) you can check out with them in a proper manner…A relationship cultivated with time secures more business than your single page can, however, well-written that might be.

Final Words

Design your services page with your audience in mind and speak the language of your page visitors and address their exclusive needs. After all, a great service page should tap into the emotions, buying habits and motivate prospective customers to take action. Establish a rapport with your site visitors with these above-mentioned ideas which can go a long way to persuade a visitor to turn into a happy customer and give you leads.



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