WordPress Support And Maintenance

If you are having problems with your WordPress website and need to hire a company you are in the right place. We help with hacked websites, outdated WordPress, website design, website development, graphics, and anything related to web page content.

Dedicated WordPress Maintenance And Support Services

We at Wbcom Designs believe in utmost customer satisfaction and that can only be achieved by providing dedicated maintenance and support services to our clients.


There are many technical issues that we run into while working on our websites. Sometimes these issues become so grave that they require immediate attention from a skilled developer. Here come our support and maintenance services to your rescue. We will make sure that your site is safe and secured 24*7 so that you do not face any such issue again.

Regular Updates

Do not worry about updating your plugins, themes and other files as we have got all covered for you. our team will regularly look after your updates and will make sure that your site runs smoothly.

Regular Backups

Creating backups before updating any file is really important as not updating can cause serious problems for your site. Our website maintenance service will make sure that your website is regularly updated and your data is safe.

Site Speed and Security

Our maintenance services include monitoring your website and making sure that its completely secure and safe. Moreover, we also look after the speed optimization of your website as a slow loading website is not user-friendly at all.

24*7 Monitoring

With our uptime monitoring services, we will fix your issues as they arise. We will keep your website under 24*7 monitoring and support mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your support services?

At Wbcom Designs, we offer affordable and budget-friendly site maintenance and support services. Moreover, our price depends on the services you choose. We aim at making WordPress an easier platform for all types of businesses and thus our plans are cost-effective and efficient.

Do you offer Knowledgebase?

Ye, we do have complete documentation for all our services. You will not fall short of any knowledgebase and even if you do, we will make sure we have all covered.

How frequently you will fix my site?

We provide regular support and updates. We will make sure that your site is regularly updated and optimized.

Is it really 24*7 Support?

Yes, we are always available for you. You can send us your problems and we will provide you with an effective solution in the next 24 hours.

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