Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Latest Updates

Are you aware of the latest updates of WordPress? If not, you are missing some of the best features that your site can get with. This article is all about the WordPress Latest Updates,i.e., the latest version of WordPress 5.1 “ Betty”, named for the jazz musician Betty Carter, launched on February 21, 2019.


As per the latest post on WordPress 5.1 published on wordpress.org,


“Following the introduction of the new block editor in 5.0, 5.1 focuses on polish, in particular by improving the performance of the editor. In addition, this release paves the way for a better, faster, and more secure WordPress with some essential tools for site administrators and developers.”


Let’s look out what’s new with WordPress 5.1

For Administrators

✦ Site Health

WordPress 5.1, site health, wordpress latest updates

Who doesn’t want to speed up the health of his site? Of course, everyone wants. Keeping this fact in mind, the latest version has come up with site health feature that shows administrators of websites how their site is performing. It means that this feature helps them in getting know about long-outdated versions of PHP.

If you are going to install a new plugin on your site, you will get informed on whether it is compatible or not for the version of PHP. If it is not compatible, WordPress will prevent you from installing that plugin.

✦ Editor Performance

WordPress 5.1, WordPress latest updates, editor performance

The editor block is being improved continuously by WordPress developers. And, with this latest version of WordPress 5.1, the performance within the Gutenberg editor block has been much more improved. A smooth feel is all that you need while working on editor block, this version has taken care of that.

And, obviously, it’s not going to stop. Rather, you’ll get more improvements in its performance with next couple of its releases.

For Developers

✦ Multisite Metadata

With this latest update of a new database table, developers can store metadata associated with different sites. Moreover, it also allows for the storage of arbitrary site data relevant in a multisite / network context.

✦ Cron API

The Cron API has also been updated with some new functions. These functions assist with returning data and includes new filters for modifying cron storage.

✦ New JS Build Processes

WordPress 5.1 has also come up with a new JavaScript build option that follows the large reorganization of code, started in the WordPress 5.0 release.

✦ Other Features

Besides the above features, there are some other major updates too that are beneficial for all developers. The updates include new test config file, Short-circuit filters, Improved taxonomy meta box sanitization, an improvement in REST API endpoints, and many more.

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