Most Popular WordPress Facebook Plugins (2019)

WordPress Facebook Plugins

This is the age of digitalization and it is important to stay connected with all the social media networking sites. The best thing about social media is that it is all free. If you want to grow your business and reach a large number of users then you must have your personal account or business account over different social media platforms.

Facebook and WordPress are the must-have things if you want to grow yourself or your business socially. The number of mobile and laptop users are increasing day by day. For any product or services, people are visiting the online store, so you must understand the importance of social media. Today in this article, I will tell you about some interesting WordPress Facebook Plugins which you can use to grow your business.

Have a look at these WordPress Facebook Plugins :


1. SMASH ballon

wordpress facebook plugins

If you have your personal or business account then this plugin is must to have. This will increase your social engagement by reducing the communication gap between users and you. The incredible thing about this plugin is that your Facebook content will get more likes and comments. If you don’t have time to blog then by using SMASH ballon you can generate dynamic content for your website. You can tailor the feed as you want, you can integrate photos, videos, and events without any trouble. The core features of this plugin are you can choose the post type which you want to display. You can display multiple feeds from different posts at a single place and this feature is very useful when you have a business facebook account. You can display photos at full size and at very high resolution. You can even display the grid of your Facebook photo gallery.

This WordPress plugin will give you endless features without any efforts, so if you are willing to try this plugin then click on the given link.

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If you want to display all your newsfeed and content of Facebook to your WordPress site then FACEBOOK FEED WD is must have plugin. This plugin comes with great functionality and features. You can add endless Facebook feeds to your website. You can easily display all your photos, videos, and gallery, and event details to your website with just a few clicks. You will get tons of customization option when you are using this plugin. You can use different content type, layout and theme options. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any technical knowledge about website development then also you can use this plugin very easily.

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3. Facebook Chats

wordpress facebook plugins

By using Facebook Chat plugin, you can display your Facebook Chat box to your WordPress website. This is a great plugin if you have any business account or nonprofit account over Facebook. This plugin reduces the communication gap between you and other users. For chatting and replying to users you don’t need to open your Facebook account, you can directly reply from your WordPress website.

This is must have plugin for your business account because this plugin can turn visitors to customers. You will have unlimited chat record with unlimited bandwidth. The interesting feature of this plugin is that you can have multiple chats at a single time and you don’t even need any setup for using this plugin.

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4. Facebook Messenger for WordPress

facebook messenger

If you have WooCommerce integrated website then this plugin will allow you to increase your fan like of Facebook. By using this plugin you will never miss any potential customer. This plugin will display a clean and clear chat box over your WordPress website. The auto-reply feature of this plugin is just remarkable. If you are not available to reply then don’t worry auto-reply will take care of everything.

This plugin comes with core features such as Quick Connect, Unlimited Colors, Easy Set-up, WooCommerce ready, Fully responsive, and immediate notification. If you want to grow your business then click on the given link.

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5. Business Review Plugin

business review plugin

If you want to combine all the content and display it over your WordPress site then you should try this Business Review Plugin. This will increase the SEO by combining all the user reviews. If you have single or multiple business profiles over Facebook then also you can easily merge all the details with your WordPress website. This plugin allows you to trim long reviews. You must understand that this plugin is useful to display all your product and services review over one single site. This will engage more customers and users to your site.

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6. Thumb Fixer

thumb fixer

If you always come across with the problem of no thumbnail image then Thumb Fixer is the best option for you. This plugin will make sure that the feature image of your post is displayed in the thumbnail form. If you have WooCommerce website then also Thumb Fixer will work. The main function of thumb fixer is to give a complete professional look to any post you make. This will attract users with no efforts. This plugin comes with complete documentation by which you can easily install your plugin without any trouble.

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7. Facebook Auto Publish

Facebook Auto Publish

If you want to publish your Facebook post to your WordPress website then this plugin is just for you. You can publish posts in different forms such as post with image, post with facebook link, and post in the form of simple text. The core feature of this plugin is that you will get different message format settings like post title, post description, post excerpt, permalink, blog title, and post ID. By using this Facebook Auto Publish plugin you can share your social media content to your WordPress site in just one click. This plugin comes with complete documentation by which installation and its use become very easy.

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8. Feed Them Social

feed them social

If you want to create social media feed for any celebrity, family, friends, or business purpose then Feed Them Social is the best option. This versatile plugin comes with tons of customization and options. The stunning features of this plugin are as follows it is easy to install and setup, you can add as many social feeds you need, easily generate shortcodes for any feed, responsive social feeds, different font color and size options, different social media sharing option, and extensive documentation. Even you can adjust the height of feeds to make it scrolling feeds. If you want to know more about this plugin then click on the given link.

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9. WP Facebook Review Showcase

wp facebok review showcase

This is one of this premium WordPress plugin which you can use to showcase all your facebook reviews. This is the most powerful plugin which you can use for showing reviews. If you have multiple pages then you can create multiple review pages. This plugin is perfect if you have a hotel, education, restaurants, retail locations, personal blogs, and hospitality website. The core feature of this plugin is you can create unlimited facebook page reviews, 10 pre-made templates, cache settings, and translation ready. You will get complete documentation by which you can easily install and use your plugin.

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Summing up!

To be honest there is a number of WordPress Facebook plugins but I have mentioned the most used and recommended plugins for this article. If you want to showcase all your Facebook information to your WordPress website then you must try given plugins. If you any question or suggestion related to WordPress Facebook Plugins then please comment in the below section.

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