The Best WordPress Affiliate Programs That You Must Join

WordPress Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs constitute a common online marketing tool, which also comprises WordPress affiliate programs. Such affiliate marketing, if carried out properly and with ethics increments, your revenue, fosters networks and partnerships with both consumers and brands, and spreads awareness about the preferred brands and their services.

In such programs product, builders can obtain initial advertising for free and pay out solely on performance while product promoters can receive handsome payments on their referrals to potential customers about great products. The working of such WordPress affiliate programs follow simple lines, you carry promotion on the blog, social network or email list with a unique link. As soon as the readers click on your link and purchase the product within a given timeline say 30 to 60 days, you receive a share percentage from the revenue.

There is no dearth in the WordPress ecosystem of WordPress affiliate programs, and here are some of the finest WordPress affiliate programs that you can use to your advantage:

1. Wbcom Designs

WordPress Affiliate Programs

A big player in the game of web development and a marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins and its customization, the affiliate programs of Wbcom Designs can be tracked across all pages on their site. When a customer selects your affiliate link and is retargeted to our site on which he makes a purchase you receive a commission. Wbcom Designs pays out 30% of whatever your referrals pay and there’s no limit on the number of commissions.

A renowned name within the WP space, Wbcom designs is a theme and plugin developer with an extensive user base. Its Reign BuddyPress Theme is perfect for fresh WordPress users along with skilled website designers and is unparalleled. They have a 90 days cookie expiration time. Their popularity and work quality makes your affiliation with Wbcom designs a no-brainer. People will love your products, irrespective of your subscribing to this program. It is a trustworthy brand and so you can trust their affiliate program too.

They also maintain a complete affiliate support unit at your disposal across several platforms (Skype, Twitter, mail and mobile calls), and there is no probable reason as to why you should not subscribe to their affiliate program.

2. ThemeForest By Envato

WordPress Affiliate Programs

ThemeForest constitutes the biggest market place among the premium themes of WordPress. It is employed by many bloggers and designers to buy and sell their premium WordPress themes. ThemeForest comprises a credible platform for users to buy themes at a lower price which is owned by Envato market.

ThemeForest affords the finest affiliate program for users of WordPress that permits anyone to sign up within their affiliate program and begin selling themes. To be an affiliate member on ThemeForest, you simply need to signup with their account. The application is not reviewed and will be accepted instantly.

The market place of Themeforest has lots of themes and provides 30% commission on each sale or when a person credits money in their Envato account. The banners logos of the themes forest may be downloaded to display on your website or simply build affiliate backlinks.

3. Elegant Themes

WordPress Affiliate Programs

Elegant Themes constitutes another huge marketplace of WordPress themes that are quite common amongst the developers and designers. Elegant themes operate on the subscription models whereby users signing up as the client can permit access to the entire 87 themes and 6 plugins that begin from $69 per year. Having top-quality themes and plugins like Divi, Bloom, and Extra within their portfolio, the products of Elegant Themes virtually sell themselves.

Our experience of Elegant Themes places it easily amongst the top-notch performer in the matter of WordPress affiliate programs. Apart from converting nicely with first-time clients, Elegant Themes is inclined to keep half of its customers, and since they pay a commission upon renewals, you can gain income from their affiliate plan for many years. Affiliate commissions include 50 percent on entire sales and cookie duration of 180 days.

4. ThemeIsle

WordPress Affiliate Programs

Containing more than 30 fantastic themes and 10 premium plugins (besides lots of add-ons), ThemeIsle comprises among the most common WordPress clubs about, besides one of the quickest developing market theme stores. Customers obtain complete access to the whole ThemeIsle assortment by paying an annual fee.

From the customer’s viewpoint, this signifies unique value, while from the perspective of an affiliate marketer, the program constitutes a trustworthy converter. From an objective view, the data displays that ThemeIsle is among the finest affiliate program for freemium themes. Besides, elevated price points at the highest levels embody a truly lucrative offering.

Affiliate commissions stand at 55%, with payment threshold at $100 and cookie duration of a year.

5. Genesis

WordPress Affiliate Programs

Among the finest WordPress theme frameworks with which plenty of bloggers are continuing. The slump of the Thesis theme catapulted Genesis to become the famous theme framework. It costs higher and employed by elegant bloggers or renowned online businesses.

You can quickly promote the Genesis framework and skins. You can earn a nice amount with a single and fast promotion. It comprises a 2 tier program which includes cookies for sixty days and disburses 35% commission on every sale.

6. Themify

WordPress Affiliate Programs

Themify comprises a quality theme store, holding 52 gracefully crafted themes of WordPress. They are also renowned for their superb Themify Builder plugin. Clients will discover dedicated eCommerce, restaurant and corporate themes.

The data displays Themify to be a reliable converter also, and thereby among the best WordPress affiliate programs. Affiliate commissions are pitched at 30% with memberships beginning at $79 per year and cookie duration of 30 days.

7. CSS Igniter Program

WordPress Affiliate Programs

CSS Igniter provides templates for nearly every kind of website, while the variety of pricing alternatives makes this an excellent option for diverse referrals. The Lifetime package of “All Access” arrives at $249, implying you can earn $99.60 each commission. The affiliate commissions are pitched at 40%.

8. MyTheme Shop

WordPress Affiliate Programs

MyThemeShop imparts the biggest affiliate commissions in the world of WordPress – a huge 70%. Till date, they provide 85 premium WordPress themes and 13 premium plugins besides a club subscription.

MyThemeShop is among the better-converting WordPress affiliate programs. Affiliate commissions stand at 70% with a cookie duration of 60 days.

9. WP Engine

WP Engine is the topmost name in controlled WordPress hosting. Their schemes are a bit pricier as against the shared hosting services present, but WP Engine assures lightning fast speeds and top-grade customer service.

WPEngine offers affiliate commissions of $200 or 100% of the payment of the first month whichever is more. The plans start from $29 each month with a cookie duration of 180 days.

10. Flywheel

WordPress Affiliate Programs

Flywheel constitutes another unique controlled WordPress hosting alternative, with lightning-fast speeds and a knowledgeable crew of WordPress professionals at hand to solve any problems that may come up.

They provide high-quality service having an economical price line. The affiliate commissions are 3 times first month’s payment, with payouts beginning at 45 dollars and cookie duration of 90 days.

Final Thoughts On WordPress Affiliate Programs

These were some of the leading WordPress affiliate programs that you can reap monetary benefits by promoting the best products that are making the waves. These affiliate programs are high on the benchmark of product pricing, the value they provide besides the commission percentage and the cookie lifespan. So, join fast these affiliate programs and promote their range of products to your users so as to benefit your followers, monetize your post and begin earning cash right away.

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