10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2020

Websites are no more safe and there are frequent opportunities of your site getting hacked, accidental crashes and different attacks. WordPress sites always make headlines of becoming hacked often. In line with the maxim of ‘Prevention is better than cure’, maintaining a backup of a website is the foremost important thing to do. And if you’ve been employing WordPress then you may have encountered plugins for that matter. Of course, there are a few best WordPress backup plugins for creating backup files of a WordPress site.

After conducting in-depth research, the following collection is available for the best and prevalent plugins for making backups. These plugins offer you the finest solution for maintaining your file and content secure. Moreover, they are extremely simple to use which can be used even by a non-techy without any difficulty.

# 1 My WP Backup Pro

my WP Backup Pro

My WP Backup Pro is an extensive backup plugin for WordPress which contains all the features which you may hope from a top-quality backup plugin.

This plugin aids you schedule an instant backup of your WordPress site content and files to any of your preferred email, you can also take a manual backup if you so desire. The restoration procedure is also fast and simple.

The plugin allows you to backup your site to any FTP, backup to Google Drive, backup to email, Dropbox, you can even backup your site to Amazon Glacier and Amazon S3 according to your requirement. This plugin will never leave you short of alternatives.

Also, you can select the files which you wish to include or omit from the backup, so you can rapidly personalize the backup need and plan theme as needed. Once you setup and configure this plugin, you will get that peace of mind understanding that your site is safe irrespective of anything.

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# 2 Backup


An extensive backup plugin for WordPress that provides you unrestricted backup and restore alternatives. This plugin can be hugely effective when you are migrating your site, and will extremely simplify the process.

It presents you with the alternative to plan your backup at regular intervals. You can configure email notifications after the backup is completed. Moreover, you can download the backup files according to your needs.

This plugin can be hugely effective in turning your WordPress site safe the whole time. You can upload your backups to Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3 instantly saving plenty of time while handling your business.

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# 3 Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy is amongst the most common and extensively utilized WordPress plugins. IThemes team designed BackupBuddy, and it is among the most all-encompassing solutions for WordPress site owners.

You can personalize the backup according to your needs. You can perform a fast backup of your database, or you can opt for total backup together with your WordPress files, themes, images, plugins and all else.

Backup Buddy allows you to wholly automate the whole process of conducting a backup of your site, and you can plan it according to your needs. You can also guide the backup files to some offline storage location.

Backup Buddy presents you with an extremely simple to rapid solution to recover your site. You can also recover personal files within the WordPress dashboard.

Shifting a WordPress site to a separate host or domain is another splendid feature of this plugin. It incredibly simplifies the process to localhost or temporary domain for future development.

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# 4 Back WPup Free

Back Wpup free

Another extremely successful and free WordPress backup plugin that can aid you to build a backup of your WordPress site and ensure its safety.

This plugin presents you numerous options to gather the backup files: you can save it in your S3 services, Dropbox account, Microsoft Azure and others.

This plugin also assists you to optimize the database as well as mend in the event of any damage. In general, it’s an excellent plugin that can be helpful for any WordPress user.

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# 5 VaultPress


VaultPress is another major WordPress backup plugin that is designed by  Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

This is an extremely potent plugin that presents you with the true-time back of your content and simply automated restore. This system browses your site on an everyday basis and tidies the system to render it safe. So, this plugin is not simply a backup plugin – it also looks after your site’s security to a great extent.

VaultPress automatically repairs the entire defective file changes and informs you. For different suspicious code, it renders it superbly simple to scan and repair the issues.

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# 6 UpdraftPlus Backup And Restoration

 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

UpdraftPlus is another high-quality WordPress plugin, and with over 400,000 downloads, it is among the most extensively used plugins also.

This plugin upholds backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Microsoft OneDrive, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV, email, and OpenStack Swift. It also provides you with recover functionality which can be performed with simply one click.

As anticipated, you can wholly automate the backup process with this plugin, and it will redo the process according to the schedule configured by the admin. If you possess a huge site, you can divide the backup process into many archives.

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# 7 Backup Guard

 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Backup Guard is an incredible plugin employed for taking a backup of your whole files. You can restore, backup and migrate your site. Examine the live progress of the system while the plugin conducts the backup of your contents and files. Obtain the benefit of its superb feature of auto backup. Obviously, you can configure a schedule where it will make a backup of your data at a specific scheduled time. Users will be enabled to upload the backup to Dropbox and different cloud servers.

Main Features:

Backup site, database, files, etc

Import & download backups

Restore backups & site when required

Capacity to omit database tables

Backs Multisite WordPress Network

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# 8 Duplicator

 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

If you wish to set up one of the finest WordPress plugins for maintaining a backup of your WordPress site then Duplicator fits the bill. It works extremely well with your site and you maintain all the backups of your major contents securely. The plugin utilizes a systematic approach so you can accomplish everything rapidly and minus any trouble. You can upload the files in any cloud server of your preference.

Main Features:

  • Backup your site manually
  • Shift a site from one host to another
  • Duplicate a real site to a performing area or vice versa
  • Move, clone or migrate a site
  • Complete WordPress migration

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# 9 All In One WP Migration

 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Another successful plugin that people will like for backing up their contents and files is All in One WP Migration. It is compliant with all types of tablets and mobiles. It is a potent plugin and you will get to upload a bulk of images, heavy files, etc from your site without any issue. A key factor of the plugin is that it functions splendidly in all editions of PHP together with the current updated version.

Main Features:

  • Zero Dependencies
  • No Limitations On Operating System Or Host
  • Circumvent All Upload Size Limitation
  • Support for Mysqli and Mysql
  • Supports WordPress V3.3 To Current
  • Wp-CLI incorporation is present in unrestricted extension

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# 10 Xcloner

 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Xcloner is one sturdy backup plugin each WordPress user requires to possess for maintaining a backup of their contents and data. With the aid of its inbuilt scheduler, you will be able to maintain a correct backup record of your files. You can perform it manually as well as automatically. This plugin enables you to store your backups in Open Source standards such as Mysql, TAR and CSV formats.

Major Features:

  • Encrypted backups archives
  • Restore and Backup website
  • Received email notifications
  • GDPR compliant by included encryption data
  • Upload your backups to Remote Storage destinations

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Whether you are a newbie or frequent WordPress user, its vital to maintain regular backups of your site and retain its security. The abovementioned plugins help you to secure your website from any type of detrimental attack.

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